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About Us


We are specialized in the development and construction of tailor-made machinery and equipment.

We have substantial experience especially in the field of machine tools, machinery for the textile, pharmaceutical and paper industry as well as construction machinery.


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We always take the right measures to find the best solution to your specific problems.

From consulting in the initial concept phase to the finished product, we are committed to provide you with our competence, know-how and experience. Our team of technical engineers works closely with each client to solve complex engineering challenges.


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Since 2015 we have developed  compact and flexible machines for dry textile-based semi-finished products, such as fixedTows, spreadTows, tapes, multiaxial non-crimp fabrics and thin ply sheets:  

fixedTow production line: spread and powder fixed roving = fixedTow

CROSSLAYER: fixedTow tape placement for preforms and multiaxial non-crimp thin ply sheets and fabrics

Modular R&D Machines: spread and impregnate fibers by dispersion, extrusion, powder, etc.   

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