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Value Creation


Fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) is an emerging growth market. They are continuously integrated in more and more application areas such as sports equipment, in construction, or medical devices.

We have developed innovative and flexible machines for dry fiber processing to:


Our goal is to reduce existing hurdles for small – medium series composite production volumes and to broaden market access for all players interested in composite part production.

We design and develop functional, user-friendly and flexible machines together with our customers and support you with our process know how.

M&A Dieterle has developed key expertise in machine development and fiber processing for composite manufacturing.

We engineer solutions, tailored to your needs. Our focus is to design and develop machines with:

  • good functionality
  • good process control
  • affordable 
  • user- friendliness
  • ease of servicing

We offer expertise from material to preform (part) production. Our service includes technical support, feasibility studies, machine training, and process development. We also have a network of partners with a long history in composite production expertise. Together, we strive to constantly innovate and develop new solutions.