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Products / Machinery and Equipment produced by us

From consulting in the initial concept phase to the finished product, we are committed to provide you with our competence, know-how and experience. Our team of technical engineers works closely with each client to solve complex engineering challenges.
A few work examples can be seen on the following pages:   




  • Hydroduct systems

    Systems to manufacture bases for non-woven felts.
  • Cinema screen

    The world's largest mobile cinema screen. Manufactured for EXPO 2000 in Hannover.
  • Cutting and Welding Tools -

    Cutting and Welding Tools for sieves and felt for paper machine clothing..
    The Foto shows a tool which is used in calenders to weld and trim the raw edge of large sieves.

  • Dosing Feeder for Substance Drainage

    Treatment of paper raw mixture with substance drainage and to obtain in the headbox entry chamber the equivalent pressure and mass proportion  .
  • Vacuum-Experimental Chamber for jet engines and power trains

  • Production Line

    Produktion Line for the fabrication of car headliners
  • 20190829 156443 3000px

    Spiral winding machine

    For production of single spirals (right / left) for spiral sieves of various monofilaments with different cross sections  
  • Deburring press for aluminium and magnesium alloy meterials

  • Casing mold for Steel

    Casing mold for Steel  for serial production of machine racks and frames out of polymer-bound cast mineral with a weight per part of  2,7 tons.

  • Unsere Künstlerische Ader

    Fabrication of a artistic object for a traffic circle  Architect: Michael Danner
  • Filling table

    For form filling of prefixed and unfixed spiral sieves with filling wires with various cross sections.
  • Fülltisch

    Zum Befüllen von fixierten und unfixierten Spiralsieben mit Fülldrähten unterschiedlichster Querschnitte.
  • mehrspindlereinheit

    multi-spindle unit of the company TBT  

    Requirement: 0,05mm flatness
    Weight: 8t
    Dimensions: about 3000 mm diameter

    Followed by an optical 
    measurement on the
    machine tool Waldrich MasterTec, 
    conducted by Topometric