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  • Construction
    Casing, molds, and scaffolding
  • Paper- and Feltindustry
    Customized machines for the production of high-grade clothing and lining for paper- and feltmachines
  • Food Industry
    Packaging machines, components including pressure vessels for vacuum packaging and weighing in for quality food products
  • Electric Industry
    Manufacturing of motor-housing and electric poles for direct current (DC) motors
  • Transport
    Transport devices, crane, hoisting devices in special design
  • Automotive Industry
    Special parts for safety vehicles, personnel- and money transport. Heat resistant wear parts for automotive racing sport
  • Trade
    Pre-cut parts in all material qualities, quality steel, pipes and flanges
  • Textile
    Frames and machine construction groups and components for yarn and spooling and coil winding machines
  • Services
    Repair and maintenance of all kind including technical overhaul and reconditioning of machines
  • Mechanical engineering
    Welding and frame parts in all material qualities up to 25 tons overall weight
  • Geophysics
    Rock sampling devices for experimental trials and testing in collaboration with research institutes
  • Optics
    Specialized machines for eyeglasses and frames, aperture devices for planetariums
  • Chemistry
    e.g. stainless steel flanges, valves, vessels, basins, tanks and containers
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