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CROSSLAYER Machine becomes part of the novel 4.0 Factory School in France @ Jules Verne Manufacturing Academy (JVMA)

Stuttgart / Nantes 20.07.2021

First training courses will be hosted in September 2021 at the novel Jules Verne Manufacturing academy (JVMA).  This factory-school offers hands-on experience for the industry of the future. The equipment allows the entire process to be carried out in a way that is representative of mass production.
This true 4.0 resource center teaches new technologies to the industrial community and carries out educational projects. In particular, students have the opportunity to test new, more collaborative teaching practices involving several technical and engineering courses simultaneously. Industrialists can learn about new ways of designing and optimizing production.




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Novel Fiber Processing: First Spread then Size

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) have been successfully used as lightweight construction materials for many years. In order to increase the strength, carbon fibres are previously often processed as tape. For this purpose, the carbon fibres are spread, i.e. fanned out, and then laid down parallel to each other. This enables the individual filaments to optimally absorb the forces occurring in the CFRP component.


Tapeleger kopf

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Automated Fiber Placement made simple

We continue our machine innovations based on flexibility and plug & play. We believe that a key element for the broader application of fiber composite technologies is to make it easy to learn so that non-specialists can enter the market. It is our goal with these machine innovations to make processes transparent, easy to learn and implementable.


Tapeleger kopf

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JEC World 12.05.2020 - 14.05.2020


Come and visit us in H6 P28 for our new development:                                                                      

Crosslayer with 2 Heads – for automated Prepreg or fixedTow placement

 JEC 2020 eng

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