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Automated Fiber Placement made simple

We continue our machine innovations based on flexibility and plug & play. We believe that a key element for the broader application of fiber composite technologies is to make it easy to learn so that non-specialists can enter the market. It is our goal with these machine innovations to make processes transparent, easy to learn and implementable.


Tapeleger kopf


Together with our Partner Mössner KG, we show the marriage of robotics and our Prepreg laying head. This laying head works in our portal laying machine – the Crosslayer – as well as in the robot. The prepreg tape width is 25 mm.

Compared to existing manual laying processes, automated fiber placement brings more process reliability, lower cut-off waste, and an overall higher productivity.
We design our machine with relatively low investment costs in mind.

Simple solutions for flexible manufacturing.



Contact us for testing, evaluation, or cooperation. We are happy to share our insights.



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