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AVK Innovation Award 2019

M&A Dieterle receives the AVK Innovation Award in the category products / applications at the Composites Europe Show 2019 for the hand lamination device for local fiber tape application.

We also did live presentations of our novel Dry Fiber Placement Machine, the CROSSLAYER, at our booth.  The machine enables individualized preforms production with little material scarp due to near net shape binder-fixed tow placement. Customers looking to automate fiber placement, cost efficient production and easy to use machines were one of the interested groups at the show.

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Handableger AVK

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Crosslayer - A simple machine for dry fiber placement

Innovative machine solution was rated as “ThinKing in August 2019” by the Development Agency for Lightweighting Baden-Wuerttemberg as a sustainable lightweight technology solutions made in Baden-Wuerttemberg.


The machine Crosslayer offers high quality preforming and dry fiber placement at low investment Additional benefits are:

  • Free design in Geometry,Orientation and layer stacking sequence
  • Short training phase and simple programming
  • More process reliability, less scrap from cutting and thereby cost savings
  • Combine with TFP stitching to optimize preform

 ThinKing Logo gro

 Tapeleger kopf

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Technical Journal Article (in German)

New Paths of Fiber Placement, Preforming, Composites          

Kunststoffe 2/2019, S. 32 – 36

(Click on the picture to open the article)

 Bild5 prozess
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