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Automated fiber placement and preforming made simple


The advantages are:

  • One platform, different laying heads
  • Entry level system
  • Little material waste
  • Easy programming and operation
  • Better process reliability than with hand lay-up


Tapeleger RGB neu






The Crosslayer places tapes automated (fixTow, Trockenfaser, Prepreg, etc.). The orientation, number of layers is programmable.

Tapeleger GIF 1000px



One Platform, different laying heads

For different materials (dry, wet - Prepreg), there are customize laying heads.




The laying frame can be removed. It is compatible with embroidery machines, for tailored fiber placement (TFP), to further optimize the preform.





Check out the offical website for the CROSSLAYER from our sales partner Filacon by Tajima.




Broschuere Brochure
Operation video
(short version)

Demo part:

- 01 programming the skateboard preform for the CrossLayer
- 02 production of the skateboard
- 03 overall view of the skateboard including driving test


Further developments:

- Integration of laying head in Cobots or Robots - First tests with Prepreg Tape Placment in cooperation with company Mössner



- ThinKing 2019 Leichtbau BW


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