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We manufacture customer-specific material: be it lay-up material for the Crosslayer, other lay-up systems or processes.

Contact us, we will be glad to help you!


Dieterle 88 RGB    Vorschau Datasheet



Possible Material Combinations:  Roving Type and Powder


Rovingtyp Titer
SGL (Themoset/ Thermoplast) 24 k
50 k
Zoltek (Themoset/ Thermoplast) 48 k
Toray (Themoset) 6 k
12 k
24 k
Toho Tenax (Thermoplast) 12 k
Mitsubishi 12 k
30 k
60 k
Glasfaser (outer pull off) 2400 tex
Commingled CF / PA6 12 k












 Powder for Thermoplastic Processes
 Evonik Vestosint 2157  PA 12 Basis
 3D Druck Pulver (EOS 2200)  PA 12 
 3D Druck Pulver (Adsint BASF)  PP
 Bayer Makroblend KU2-7912/4 (PC-PBT)  Polybutylenterephanthalat and Polycarbonat
 Lexter  Mitsubishi Gas Chemical  biobasiertes polyamide
 Therplim Polyimide Mitsubishi Gas Chemical  Polyimide
 EMS Griltech CT 100 P82  Co-Polyamid
 EMS CE20  Co-Polyester
 Powder for Themoset Processes / Resin infiltration
 Huntsman LT 3360 BD  Bisphenol A
 Hexion Epikote TRAC 06720  Bisphenol A
 Hexion Epikote 05311  Bisphenol A
 Hexion Epikote 05390  Bisphenol A
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