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UD fixTow Production Line



The UD fixTow system always processes ONE fiber spool or roving. The roving is spread evenly under constant tension. Afterwards, the spread roving is fixed with binder powder. The achieved fixTow is wound onto a fiber spool.

What is fixTow?


Quality feature: During production, the material width of the fixTow is continuously recorded. Hohe Flexibilität bei der Materialherstellung = schnelle Ergebnisse

Variable are:

  • Fiber type Carbon fiber (12k, 15k, 24k, 50k), glass fiber 2400 tex
  • powder type (thermoplastic, thermoset): ideal 30 - 300 µm particle size
  • fixTow width (basis weight)
  • Powder content




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UD FixedTow Line
Operation Video
UD FixedTow Line

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