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Why we are engaged in composites?




The use of fiber reinforced composites (FRP) is a growth market. These are increasingly being integrated into a wide variety of applications such as sports articles, the construction sector, or medical products.
We offer systems for small to medium series that can be quickly converted and are resource-efficient. We support our customers in their entry into composites manufacturing. M&A Dieterle has built up extensive technical expertise in equipment development and fiber processing, as well as a network of experts in composites manufacturing.
We develop customized solutions for you. Our focus is on the design, engineering and manufacturing of machines with:

  • High flexibility
  • Low initial investment
  • Very good process control
  • Operator friendly
  • Low maintenance

We offer know-how from material selection to component manufacturing. Our service includes technical support from component design and calculation, process development, feasibility testing, training, material manufacturing. Our network partners support us with extensive experience in composite part manufacturing. Together we develop and build new solutions for the composite world of tomorrow.