Open Data System

Open Data System

Our systems are open for process data recording and evaluating.

Example: UDfixedTow machine

Readable and storable process data of:

  • | Line speed
  • | Fiber or tape tension
  • | Temperature heating roller
  • | Spreader roller configuration
  • | Wrapping angle of height-adjustable spreader rollers
  • | Amount of binder powder
  • | Temperature of the IR heaters during impregnation
  • | Cooling temperature


Recording and saving of process data

Using LARS, a simulation and visualization tool installed on a PC or laptop, process data can be continuously recorded and then evaluated.

  • | Starting roving width
  • | Final width of spread and fixed fiber tape
  • | Fiber tension during spreading
  • | Fiber tension during impregnation
  • | Fiber tension during winding
  • | Temperature of heating rollers during spreading
  • | Temperature during impregnation
  • | Temperature after cooling


Evaluation of process data

The recorded data is used for process optimization and quality assurance. The data is exported via an interface and can be individually evaluated, e.g. in the form of diagrams.

The data evaluation can be used to optimize subsequent processes and future Industry 4.0 or AI processes.

For example, the tape data (width and width tolerance) along the spooled UDfixedTow material can be processed and made available for the subsequent laying process (Crosslayer).

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